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Top 10 For Men!

Top 10 For Men!

First of all, let's look at the top 10 for men. Men can be reluctant to go to Walt Disney World, it might be too childish, or for girls or just not for them. So, here is the top 10 for men!

10. Meeting Pixar Characters
There are lots of characters to meet around Disney, but the one that comes out on top is the Toy Story characters. Whether it be saluting the green army men or posing with Buzz, big boys, especially those who grew up with Andy and the toys seem to love meeting these guys. 

9. Surfing Lessons in Typhoon Lagoon
This isn't something most people think about when booking a holiday to Disney World, however it is something that is available. It costs about $150 and you spend the morning in the water park with about 9 other people and two instructors. You start early at 6am and have an hour lesson before you hit the water. If you have park tickets you can then stay in the park until it opens and grab a good sunbed too!
My partner and I after our surfing lesson in 2011.

8. Themed Restaurants
 Ok, so a lot of restaurants in Disney are themed, but we're talking about those really, over the top ones. So the top two are TREX and Rainforest Cafe. The cool decorations and massive portions (of mainly meat) seem to be something guys are a fan of. You can find both of these restaurants at Downtown Disney (and on the Disney Dining Plan) as well a Rainforest Cafe at Animal Kingdom park.

7.  Germany Pavilion
Quite a few places in EPCOT world showcase got a mention but this came out top, especially with guys over 21 who were able to get a beer (or two...) in the parks.  The stores are interesting too and the restaurant has an amazing atmosphere if you fancy a meal with your beers.

6. Space Mountain
This rides tops out at one of the best rides for guys in Disney World. It's a classic and one of the most famous rides. Also up there with the most mentions is Test Track, so space rides and car rides. About right.

5. Water Parks
The water parks are a firm favorite. With massive slides to play on and a relaxing, laid back atmosphere men have consistently voted Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach as one of the best ways to spend time.

Germany Pavilion -
4. Monster Inc Laugh Floor (MILF)
The acronym alone seems to amuse a lot of guys but the comedy and easy going atmosphere is popular with guys. The show is full of banter and random dancing, which is interactive and enjoyable regardless of age.

3.  Agent P's World Showcase Adventure
This one might come as a bit of a surprise to some people, however it's really popular with guys in their 20s, which you might not imagine. Once you know what your looking for you'll see young men everywhere with old fashioned mobile phones acting like James Bond. It takes up a fair portion of the day but guys seem to find it exciting looking for concealed treasures and fighting crime throughout the World Showcase. It's free to do and you can do one country or all of them.

2. Lights Motors Action
This one ranks quite highly. It's a car stunt show. Its has explosions. It has fire. Guys who like Top Gear will enjoy this show featuring motor bikes, cars and boats. Need I say more?

1. Disney Quest
Don't get me wrong, Disney Quest seems a bit outdated at times, however the classic arcade games are a massive favorite among men. To make it better there are 5 floors of these arcade games, and they're free. No coins necessary. Guy spend hours trying to hit high scores on the games that include race car games, fighting games, basket ball, skeeball, motorbike racers and some virtual reality games. It's all indoors in the Downtown Disney area and it has a few food options. Plus you can leave guys there and pop off shopping to the Disney Marketplace which earns it's number one spot.

Looking skyward at the futuristic structure of the Disney Quest building
Disney Quest - Image from

So, what are your top 10 for men? If you've been, did your number 1 make our cut? Let me know in the comments!

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